Religious Services

All Souls Interfaith Gathering, 985-3819
Tuesday, Dec. 24, 5 pm, Evensong Christmas Eve Service

Community Alliance Church, 482-2132
Tuesday, Dec. 24, 5 pm, Christmas Eve Service

Lighthouse Baptist Church, 482-2588
Sunday, Dec. 22, 10:30am, Christmas Program and music
Tuesday, Dec. 24, 5 pm, Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

St. Jude Catholic Church, 425-2253
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, 425-2637
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Tuesday, Dec. 24,  4 pm at the Old Lantern, Charlotte
Tuesday, Dec. 24, 7 pm at St. Jude
Tuesday, Dec. 24, 10 pm at Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Wednesday, Dec. 25, 10 am at St. Jude
New Year’s Eve and Day
Tuesday, Dec. 31, 4 pm at St. Jude
Wednesday, Jan. 1, 10 am Our Lady of Mount Carmel

First Baptist Church of Shelburne, 985-3412
Sunday, Dec. 22, 11 am, Sunday Christmas Service

Shelburne United Methodist Church, 985-3981
Sunday, Dec. 22,  8 am, Eucharist Service
9:30 am, Choral Service, “The Music of Christmas”
Tuesday, Dec. 24, 6 pm, the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ
9 pm Lessons and Carols
Wednesday, Dec. 25, 9:30 am,  Christmas Day Service

St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, 985-2373
Tuesday, Dec. 24, 4 pm, Mass in the Church and Parish Hall, preceded by Carol Sing-Along at 3:45 pm. Come early for a seat!
7 pm, Mass in the Church preceded by Music Concert at 6:45 pm.
Wednesday, Dec. 25, 9:30 am,  Mass preceded by Carol Sing-Along at 9:15 am

Trinity Episcopal Church, 985-2269
Tuesday, Dec. 24, 4 pm, Christmas Pageant with Communion
8:30 pm, Lessons and Carols with Communion
Wednesday, Dec. 25, 9 am, Holy Eucharist

Charlotte Congregational Church, 425-3126
Tuesday, Dec. 24, 5:30 pm, Family Christmas Eve Service, a service of story and carols for the whole family
Tuesday, Dec. 24, 8 pm Traditional Candlelight Christmas Eve Service with the Adult Choir

United Church of Hinesburg, 482-3352
Tuesday, Dec. 24,  6 pm Christmas Eve Service
10 pm, Christ Eve Service with choir
The weekly local television Catholic Mass that airs Sundays on WCAX Channel 3 will be at a special time, 6:30 am on Dec. 25, to air the Christmas Mass. The televised Mass is produced by the students at Rice Memorial High School. Contact Susan Cain O’Brien at 862-6521 ext. 205 with any questions.

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