Selectboard addresses SSA issue, Town Plan amendments

By Heather McKim

At its Dec. 10 meeting, the Selectboard discussed the Sewer Service Area (SSA) as well as amendments to the town’s Comprehensive Plan.

During Selectboard comments, member Gary von Stange praised the Shelburne Police Department, which has come under fire a number of times recently.

The SSA has been a contentious town issue. Members discussed a memorandum from the Planning Commission regarding possible changes to the boundaries. Von Stange would like to see an independent study of the impact SSA expansion would have on the town. After some discussion, it was decided that the SSA issue would be tabled until later. Staff will investigate the cost of a comprehensive study.

Members approved a resolution that dissolved the Shelburne Historic Sites Committee, which was established by the Selectboard in 1971. The group saw revival recently for Shelburne’s 250th anniversary activities, but those involved would prefer to continue as a private entity rather than as a town committee. Members chose not to give the $2,415 committee fund to the now private group when it was revealed that the organization already had about $7,500 in a separate bank account. The $2,415 will be used elsewhere by the town.

Members wrapped up the meeting by continuing consideration of amendments to the Shelburne Comprehensive Plan. Topics included Energy, Citizen Participation/Amending the Plan, Volume 2 Introduction, History, Policy on Noise, and the Natural and Scenic Resources (regarding the Act 248 process).

Ann Hogan, Planning Commission, said some of the language in the Energy section could be considered to be an “overstatement” and “overreach.” Hogan considers energy reduction irreconcilable with the rest of the Plan, which seems focused on growth. Member Toni Supple agreed with Hogan, believing that it’s beyond the reach of the town to monitor or police energy usage. Member Al Gobeille firmly believes the town and state should be leaders in regards to energy consumption.

Von Stange expressed concern that this could be used as a mandate on private individuals, an idea with which Town Planner Dean Pierce disagreed. Pierce does not believe the language to be “specific enough to be used in a mandatory way.” The language members finally agreed upon was: “To encourage the reduction of the consumption of energy.”

Other Selectboard business:

  • Appointments were made to a search committee to aid in the selection of a new Town Manager.
  • Marc Gamble was appointed to the Shelburne Pedestrian and Paths Committee.
  • Town Manager Paul Bohne said that the streetlights should arrive soon. Green Mountain Power will complete the installation.
  • The Waldorf School received approval for a sewer allocation in the amount of 700 gallons per day for a property located at 122 Bostwick Road.
  • The Board accepted Lilly Creek Lane and the utilities in the included property and approved a Certificate of Completion and Opening of a Highway for Public Travel for it.
  • A policy to waive fees levied by the Department of Taxes for those who had filed the Homestead Declaration after Oct. 15, 2013 was approved.
  • The Board approved a holiday bonus of $30 for full-time and regular part-time employees.

The next meeting of the Selectboard will be Wednesday, Dec. 18.

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