Light removal sheds light on process

“I’ll put your lights out” ….We’ve all read this, seen it on TV, heard someone say it, or even more frightening, personally been threatened with that famous utterance. Who’d have thought that in this day and age people can still act like that, and consider their this behavior normal, rational and acceptable conduct. To hear this from a stranger is one thing but from a neighbor and/or a political appointee who’s salary you pay “Put your lights out” ….Really?
Our schools now focus a lot of time teaching about bullying. Obviously there are individuals out there who haven’t received the message about this, what it is and how it is completely unacceptable behavior by individuals or entities. Bulldozing their way through various communities and individuals rights is not what one expects from a friend, neighbor or one of our high level public employees. When an important issue “comes to light” it is so very important to stand your ground.
While light pollution is certainly a valid issue, more important than saving the night for star gazers is the welfare and protection of individuals and their property. Our town Fathers have let someone “put out your lights.”
Growing up in a well lit community it is easy to understand our very youngest and our elderly are liable to be most prone to being effected in a detrimental manner by eliminating lighting outside their homes.
Encourage involvement by those children in your now dark neighborhoods. If enough children voice their concern about this issue, there may be respite. On the other end of the spectrum AARP has recently taken an interest of matters in Vermont, and might be interested in this assault on the safety of our over 50 crowd.
An even larger problem than “having your lights put out” is that in our town’s governance entitles individuals to do such harm to so many. Our current system is clearly broken. Small cliques or individuals shouldn’t be running roughshod, trampling our rights. Shelburne so deserves better. Every community should enjoy cohesive, transparent, and responsible style governing from their village officials. One they can feel confident with. Why not us?
I witnessed all our family had to endure to get a (desperately required) school bus stop ahead sign (between Spear and Dorset) on Irish Hill. This is the same faction who spent 10 grand of tax revenue on a Falls Bridge “safety study” for pedestrians but won’t even keep that pedestrian stripe on the road painted, for free, as we repeatedly offered to pay for the paint. As such behavior seems par for the course, all you good people being kept in the dark should expect extreme resistance to even your neighborhoods offering to pay for these lights yourselves.
Please do not give up any of your activism in this struggle for such a common sense issue as your neighborhoods safety and well being. Very likely in this circumstance 99 percent of the people view it your way, only if there’s enough light to see by.
Kraig Richard, Shelburne


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