Bikers ticketed to enforce safety

Shelburne Traffic Enforcement, I applaud all efforts to make bicycling safer. I was pulled over last week by Shelburne Police for rolling through a stop sign on a bicycle. While no cars were near the intersection, I was still in the wrong and enforcing this law will make cycling safer. I have talked to friends and this appears to be a new initiative by Shelburne Police to strictly enforce motor vehicle laws to cyclists. I would actually like to see the Safe Passing law (23 VSA §1033(a, b) §4(81)) more strictly enforced. I commute from Shelburne to South Burlington by bike several times a week and often see cars making no effort to give cyclists any additional space. In most cases, a car trip would only take 30 seconds or more if they wait to go around a cyclist instead of passing closely at full speed. I think car drivers need to remember that the cyclist they are passing is not only a cyclist, but also someone’s son or daughter, wife or husband, mother or father.
Chris Trapeni, Shelburne

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