CVU Scholar Bowl team shines

J-2-E-Scholars-Bowl-SCChamplain Valley Union (CVU) High School’s Scholars Bowl team turned in an excellent performance on Dec. 6 at the annual Pre-Holiday Academic Tournament (PHAT). This event, held at South Burlington High School, drew 60 teams from schools from four states. CVU entered four teams in the tournament (three in the varsity and one in the JV bracket).

CVU’s C team, which had won the JV bracket last year, entered the varsity bracket and finished in 3rd place overall with a 7-1 record. The A team finished 6-2 in 7th place, and the B team also went 6-2 and finished 13th place. CVU’s D team swept all three playoff matches to win the JV bracket, coming all the way from the 8th seed to win. CVU’s Charlie Yarwood was the 3rd overall high scorer of 266 players, while Jacob Parker finished 10th in overall scoring in the JV bracket.

Eighteen students took part in the event, including Will Keve, Fiona Higgins, Bennett Cazayoux, Owen Hudson, Ian Campbell, Peter Roy, Brendan Murphy, Cameron Harris, Wes McEntee, Parker Dunn, Emily O’Brien, Brandon Tieso, Charlie Yarwood, Will Hodgson Walker, Sarah Nelson, Henry Mohn, Jacob Parker, and Alex Merrill.

The team will be in action again on Friday, Jan. 10, at CVU.

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