Meet Shelburne News intern Thomas Daley

Thomas Daley

Thomas Daley

By Josh Gamble, SCS 8th Grader

Thomas Daley is currently an eighth grader at Shelburne Community School (SCS). Thomas has lived in Vermont his whole life. He is currently a second degree black belt in Tai Kwon-do and an avid skier. He is also a strong runner, having been on the school Cross Country Team for three years and run a half marathon as a seventh grader. It is clear that he is interested in taking advantage of the opportunities offered to him.

As well as being an athlete, Thomas also excels academically. Last year, he won first place in the school round of the Scripps Spelling Bee and later went on to win seventh place in the state round. His main interests in school are math and writing. He also has a developing interest in astronomy. In addition to pursuing academic interests in school, Thomas jumps on almost every opportunity to participate in student clubs. He participates in Student Council, Mathcounts, LEAD, and the Spelling Bee Team.

Thomas’s main interest, both in and out of school, is music. In school, Thomas is a trombone player in the Wind Ensemble and the SCS Stage Band. Both last year and this year, Thomas auditioned successfully and became a trombone player at the District III Music Festival. This year, he earned first chair at his audition. As well as band, he is in the Chamber Choir at SCS. Outside of school, Thomas also plays piano, in addition to his involvement in the Vermont Youth Orchestra Association (VYOA). He is currently in the Sinfonia Orchestra program in the VYOA. Thomas also is interested in pursuing music composition.

Thomas is an only child and has no pets. His favorite movie is the holiday classic “Elf”, and his favorite TV show is the hit comedy “The Big Bang Theory”. In his free time, Thomas likes to ski and play music.

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