Reader echoes Jim White’s letter, “Response to Selectboard efforts”

Thanks very much, Jim, for saying it like it is. You are spot-on with your comments on what really matters to our Town. Also, thank you fellow citizens for speaking loud and clear!  Even before the official kick-off on Jan. 6, Monday night at the Town Hall, our mail box (PO Box 751) has had several signed petitions, confirming that Shelburne citizens want to be in control of the future of their Town. They want to make the serious decisions about how our Town grows and looks moving forward. They want to respectfully ask the Selectboard to carry out our serious decisions, not make town-altering decisions for us.

The petition asks voters to vote on important issues, just like the voters do on the Town budget and the school’s budget. We are reaching for the stars, but can’t do it without Registered Voters’ help. Please go to our website,, and print a petition from the bottom left corner and mail it to us. We will keep you posted on the progress. Time is of the essence.

Let’s put the Town back in our Town Plan.

Sueayn Wood, Shelburne

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