Covering the Field: Introducing Kestrel Grevatt

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By Sheri Duff

Kestrel Grevatt is determined. At least that’s what Champlain Valley Union (CVU) head girls basketball coach Ute Otely had to say about her senior shooting guard. “Kestrel is an incredibly hard-working player and a consistent outside shooter. She is vital to our team depth and our team chemistry,” coach Otely informed. “Through sheer determination, Kestrel has turned herself into a contributor by being a team player and a defensive asset.”

Born on Sept. 15, 1995, Grevatt and her family were South Burlington residents until they relocated to Charlotte before she began the third grade at the Charlotte Central School. Her family includes parents, Bess and Jim; older sister Maya, a student at Clark University; two dogs, Meko and Mr. Wendell; and a cat named Rifka.

“I started basketball rather late,” Grevatt recalled. “My first experience was through the rec department in the sixth grade. One of my friends played and she convinced me to give it a try. It must have been a good experience for me because after that I was hooked.”

Since her rec playing days, Grevatt has taken advantage of her opportunities. With a combination of skills gleaned from middle school and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) travel teams, Grevatt has become, according to coach Otely, “a top-rated defender.”

A two-year varsity basketball player, Grevatt has no pre-game ritual to speak of. “Before the game I just try to remain calm and focused,” she said. “During that time I usually just go through the plays in my head.” Rituals are obviously unimportant and the team’s perfect record, since the 2012-2013 season, is testimony to that fact.

Grevatt is equally proud of her cross country and basketball accomplishments. “One of my greatest achievements was making the varsity cross country team,” Grevatt shared. “I was pretty severely anemic my sophomore year during the cross country season so that was a major setback. I was determined to work hard and to get back into condition. It felt great to achieve that goal. As for basketball I worked so hard to improve, and being part of state championship team made it more of an achievement,” she admitted.

Grevatt chose an entirely different sport for her Grad Challenge Project—a 300-mile bicycle ride fundraiser called the “Climate Ride.” In late September she bicycled from New York City to Washington D.C. “I’ve always been really passionate about the environment, and I think many people still don’t understand the severity of climate change and the extent of the effects of the increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” she explained. “I loved that the Climate Ride combined the physical biking challenge with fundraising for environmental protection organizations and raising awareness for climate change.”

When asked about her plans for next year, Grevatt responded, “I’m still applying to colleges. My top choices are Tufts, UC Berkley, and Caltech. I’m not a cold-weather person. I need to go somewhere warmer.”

Always looking for a way to contribute, there’s not much doubt Grevatt will take her positive disposition to warmer climes following graduation. After all, she’s that determined.

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