Meet Shelburne News intern Josh Gamble

Josh Gamble

Josh Gamble

By Thomas Daley, SCS 8th Grader

A native of Illinois, Josh Gamble is a 13-year-old eighth grader at Shelburne Community School (SCS) who is a Geo-Bee champion and music enthusiast.

Born in a Chicago suburb, Josh moved to Vermont at the age of five and currently lives in Shelburne with his parents, Becky and Mark; his brothers, Noah and Nathan; and his dogs, Max and Ruby. In school, Josh’s main interests lie in math, English, Language Arts (LA), economics, business, and music. Along with these interests, Josh is a member of the SCS spelling, Geo-Bee, and Cross Country teams, and a skier outside of school. As a third-year member of the SCS Geo-Bee team, he has contributed significantly to the group and their first place finish at districts. And as a first year member of the SCS spelling team, he has helped the team make a second place showing at the district competition this year. To add on to his spelling and geography accomplishments, Josh was the SCS Geo-Bee champion two years ago, and he placed fifth in the state competition.

On the music front, Josh plays bassoon, alto saxophone, and piano. He is a participant of the SCS band program and has been a member of the SCS Wind Ensemble on alto sax from fifth through seventh grade. This year he is playing with them on bassoon, but he can still be found playing sax for the co-curricular SCS Stage Band. On the bassoon field, he is second chair bassoon at the District III Music Festival, which, this year, falls on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1. In addition, he is in his second year with the Vermont Youth Saxes and his first year with the Vermont Youth Winds program at Vermont Youth Orchestra Association. Most of Josh’s enthusiasm for music is in the classical realm, his favorite composer being Beethoven; but in the modern point of view, Josh’s favorite band is Coldplay.

In spite of these interests in listening to and performing music, Josh’s main pursuits in music are around composition. He is already an accomplished composer with many musical ideas and pieces under his belt, including three full-orchestra pieces and a five-movement piano series that he created for his Arts and Citizenship project last trimester. In spite of these accomplishments, one of his greatest and most recent feats in composition was the movie soundtrack that he composed for an LA project of the book

“The Catch in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger. The project ended up being very successful, and the movie attracted the attention of Matt Salinger, the author’s son. Josh hopes to take his composition talents and run with them, looking at generic composition and movie score composition as a career path.

Josh explains, “Composition is interesting and it allows me to utilize my creative side.”

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