VTel controversy continues

By Carol Casey

At its Jan. 9 meeting, the Planning Commission asked Town Planner Dean Pierce to draft a rebuttal to the response filed by VTel regarding its proposal to site a telecommunications tower at 254 Park Road. VTel’s attorney dismissed comments made by the Planning Commission as either irrelevant or unsubstantiated. Adjoining landowners Hope Johnson, Grant Urie, and Bruce Uvanni pointed out errors in VTel’s response and asked the Planning Commission for their help in urging the Public Service Board to hold a public hearing. The Planning Commission intends to reiterate its conclusion that the proposed site is in violation of the Town Plan.

In other business, the Planning Commission adopted a motion made by Dan Burks, directing Chair Brian Precourt to ask the Selectboard for specific information about the categories of interest, goals, and budget of the proposed study of changes in the Sewer Service Area boundary.  The motion, adopted by a vote of 4 to 2, also stated that under state law, the study should be “organized, performed, managed, and the parameters determined by the Planning Commission” rather than by the Selectboard. Once the study is completed, the Commission will report their recommendations to the Selectboard based on the finding.

The Planning Commission also voted to restore previously deleted language in the Town Plan concerning “undevelopable land” and forward that recommendation to the Selectboard for its consideration.

Commission Vice Chair Kate Lalley reported that the public charrette on form-based code for the Shelburne Road corridor north of Webster Road will be held on Feb. 1, 2, and 3. A working group will meet on Tuesday, Jan. 21, at 8 am to develop plans. All interested residents are encouraged to attend.

The next meeting of the Planning Commission will be held on Thursday, Jan 23, at 7 pm in the Municipal Center.

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