Covering the Field: Introducing Grant Poston

Photo by Carol Kittredge

Photo by Carol Kittredge

By Sheri Duff

Grant Poston is a true sportsman. By that, Champlain Valley Union (CVU) head wrestling coach Gunnar Olson means, “Grant has good sportsmanship. He has all the qualities: fairness, self-control, persistence, and respect. And not only that, Grant is strong to the core. Everyone associated with the wrestling program at CVU is very proud of him. His legacy will have a lasting impression on the younger guys.”

Born in the Green Mountain State, Poston lived in Essex Junction until his sophomore year of high school when his family relocated to Shelburne. His family includes parents, Kelly and Rick; older brother, Clark, a sophomore wrestler at Missouri Valley College; and two dogs, Tank, a miniature schnauzer, and a shih-tzu named Koto.

Poston recalls wrestling for the first time in the fifth grade. “I don’t remember how I got interested in wrestling,” he said.  “I definitely thought it would be more like WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment] than it is. Wrestling is hard and challenging,” Poston admitted. “But that makes winning that much sweeter.”

And Poston is a winner. In three varsity matches, Sandy Murray Earlybird Tournament, Hubie Wagner Tournament, and Peru Invitational respectively, Poston was named champion of his 170 lb. weight class. And that’s not all, coach Olson acknowledged, “Grant was selected as the Peru Invitational tournament’s Outstanding Wrestler for his performance…a great victory.”

A four-year varsity wrestler and senior captain, Poston described his strengths: “I think my greatest strengths are experience and hard work. Because of that the guys come to me about technique and weight maintenance.” A testimony to his work ethic, Poston runs daily, lifts weights and power lifts routinely, and wrestles year-round at Vermont Wrestling Academy. Coach Olson agrees with the assessment adding, “College wrestling programs recruit students with Grant’s work ethic.”

Although Poston has numerous wrestling successes to be sure; it is the Spartan Beast Race, commonly known as a 13-mile obstacle from Hades, for which he is most proud. Known as the toughest race on the planet, Poston completed the “Beast” when he was 16-years-old. “That race was excruciating,” he confided. “It is my proudest moment because I was officially too young to enter the race. I finished in seven hours and 24 minutes against much older competitors. I was so glad to finish.”

Poston is not all about wrestling; but what may come as a surprise is that he is learning how to dance as his Grad Challenge Project. “I was browsing through some YouTube videos and came across Dancing with the Stars,” he said. “I was so enchanted that I decided to learn how to salsa dance.”

With both wrestling and Grad Challenge Project underway, Poston is contemplating his future. “I love wrestling, it is my passion. I’m looking at some colleges where I can continue to wrestle. It will be a deal breaker,” he shared. As far as academics are concerned Poston is undecided: “It’s too premature for me to decide what I will study. I want to see what the school I choose has to offer.” When it comes right down to college selection, there’s no cause for concern, Poston is already in control.

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