Dr. Colleen Parker seeks your vote

F-1-T-Candidate-Colleen-ParkerDr. Colleen Parker has announced her candidacy for the open three-year seat on the Selectboard. Parker has a strong work ethic, a dedication to family, community service, and helping others personally and professionally. She was raised in a town in upstate N.Y. with a slightly smaller population than Shelburne. Her upbringing has given her a unique perspective on the advantages of living in a small, close-knit community, as well as some of the challenges a growing town can face.

Parker attended college and medical school in Utah. Upon graduation, she and her young son moved to Vermont to complete a residency in anesthesiology. Shortly after, she met her husband, Craig Bartlett, another local physician, and they settled in Shelburne to raise their combined family of six. With children currently at Shelburne Community School, Champlain Valley Union, and University of Vermont, Parker has been actively involved in the children’s local educational and extracurricular activities for eight years.

In the past, she has served on local youth athletic boards, hospital based ethics committees, and professional boards. She continues to work part-time as a board certified anesthesiologist and as a medical director for a local medical clinic. Each has contributed to critical skills that directly apply to the role of Selectboard: conflict resolution, fiscal planning, balancing budgets, growth anticipation, and managing teams of people with a variety of skills and backgrounds. She has seen many potential and real conflicts averted by ensuring a spirit of cooperation.

She wants to help instill that same atmosphere of civility and collaboration as a Selectboard member. Parker commented, “As a community, there are many potential changes ahead. Development along Route 7 is being actively planned and people would like to be a part of how the town looks. This town is bigger than any one issue, but small enough that the residents can play a very active part in its governance. From dog leash laws and bridges over the LaPlatte River to water treatment expansion, the residents of Shelburne care about what happens in their town. I want to help facilitate communication and cooperation and that their voices are heard.”

When asked why she would want to run for the Selectboard specifically, she answered, “I love the character and spirit of Shelburne and want to help guarantee that character is maintained in the face of future growth. I believe that a multi-faceted board with people from different backgrounds makes for a healthy local government, and I bring a fresh perspective. There are many ways to be involved and active within a community. I have the temperament, experience, and dedication to be a productive member of our town’s government whose role is to serve the people it represents.”

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