People of Shelburne: Candace Carson-Hoffman

F-1-PS-Candace-Carson-HoffmanBy Lesley Snyder

What’s in a name?

Handmade, healthy, and heartfelt – the word “edo” now has multiple meanings thanks to Shelburne salon-owner Candace Carson-Hoffman. “Edo” is Latin for “to put forth or give out,” she relates, and it’s what she calls her new hair care and aromatherapy studio, which opened in the Village last April. She explains, “Our goal [at Edo, The Fine Art of Hair] is ‘to give out’ the best high-quality, natural hair care services and products available.” This place is more than just cuts and colors. With a handcrafted nail care line, as well as vegan, organic, and aroma-free services, Carson-Hoffman’s shop by any other name would smell as sweet.

The New York native discovered her love of cosmetology as a high school sophomore in her hometown of Rochester. “I wanted a career working with people that provided an outlet for creativity as well as flexibility of time and location,” she shares. After a nomadic couple of years, she and her husband, Eric, settled in Shelburne in 1997. “I loved the community,” she confides, “filled with history, great recourses, and a breathtaking landscape. My business partner and I saw an opportunity, and with [Eric’s help], we built our first salon [in 2000].”

Moon Studio Day Spa, co-owned by Jennifer Goslovich of PierVana, served Shelburne for over a decade, peacefully closing in March of last year. As the Studio gracefully transitioned into Carson-Hoffman’s newest business venture, the location remained the same. “We chose Shelburne … because we would be part of what we believed was a growing community that would welcome the services we provide,” she reflects. From these roots grew an eco-minded hair salon, founded on the philosophy of “beauty with a conscience.” Going green never looked so good.

Edo isn’t your grandmother’s beauty parlor (although she’d enjoy it too!). Carson-Hoffman graduated from the American College of Healthcare Sciences in May 2013 as a certified Aromatherapist, a term often associated with pampering rather than routine holistic wellness. She explains, “My goal is to make aromatherapy less of a spa service enhancement and more of an everyday tool used to improve the body and health of our families.” Edo is receptive to the needs of its diverse and environmentally-conscious clientele. Services include manicures and pedicures using Carson-Hoffman’s homespun aromatherapy products made with 100% pure essential oils.

The outdoorswoman even spends her off-hours getting back to nature by hiking, kayaking, swimming, and gardening – a green thumb shared by Edo coworkers Cory Boardman, Ashley Loven, and Master Gardener Sue Zeno. “My very favorite place in Shelburne is Shelburne Farms,” Carson-Hoffman discloses. “It’s an endless resource of education, community, and beauty … I love it in every season, and I learn something new every time I visit.”

With such high standards for hair care, who does this successful entrepreneur trust to style her own hair? “[Edo stylist] Cory Boardman did my color and haircut last – but I let anyone in the salon with the time to take care of me do my hair,” she beams. “With 82 years of combined experience, I am proud to have a very experienced team at Edo.”

Carson-Hoffman and her husband reside in Vergennes with their two children. To save your chair at Edo, The Fine Art of Hair, visit or call 985-5552.

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