Ski Resort Reviews, Part 2

Josh Gamble

Josh Gamble

By Josh Gamble, SCS eighth grader

This is my final release of reviews and ratings for ski resorts in our area. The mountains are rated out of five stars on the terrain at the mountain, the convenience and pricing, and the luxuries offered by the mountain. My ratings consider a four and a half to five star rating is excellent, four stars is good, and three and a half stars is average.

Sugarbush Mount Ellen – 4 Stars
Mount Ellen has appeared to me as a smaller, slightly cheaper, less crowded version of its neighbor, Lincoln Peak. Mount Ellen is the kind of mountain where certain levels of terrain are associated with certain lifts. Not all of the lifts have a balance of easy, moderate, and advanced trails. Mount Ellen is a rather convenient mountain; it is not expensive and there are no hassles in getting your ticket. Sugarbush is not a particularly luxurious place. There is not amazing food, nor superfast chairlifts, but it holds itself in a respectable place as a Vermont ski location.

Sugarbush Lincoln Peak – 3½ Stars
The typical trail at Lincoln Peak is an intermediate trail that has been skied on to the point that it is icy. It can be fun to go down one of these trails once because it is a challenge, but that is not worth spending a day on. Lincoln Peak is a convenient and easy-to-access mountain, the prices there are reasonable and it does not take twenty minutes getting from the ticket booth to the mountain. I mentioned in the Mount Ellen review that Sugarbush is not famed for great food and chairlifts with windshields attached to the safety bars, but otherwise it is a good mountain. The Sugarbush mountains are not perfect, but they hold a prominent place among all of the ski resorts in Vermont.

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