Support Tom Koerner

I would like to invite you to vote for Tom Koerner for the three-year position on the Shelburne Selectboard. A salt of the earth sort of man, he is a man of integrity, bound by principle, not by politics. Our town will be in excellent, solid hands when he represents us in that role.

Born here, Tom is a lifelong resident, leaving only to attend and graduate from Williams College. He raised his family here and operates his business in town; many of the local homes and businesses are of his design.

He has served for 11 years on the Historic Preservation Board and has represented the town for 19 years on the Zoning Board, 10 years as Chair; thus he has an institutional history about the town and how it works. He will bring this asset to the Selectboard team. He listens very well and can distill the essence of an issue in order to shine light on the conversation. He can communicate clearly the thought behind the decision while he demonstrates an appreciation for all points of view. Collegiality is a strength.

Tom is devoted and loyal to the Town of Shelburne as it was and as it will be in the future. He is very smart and carries the skill set for this job; he wants what is best for our town and he will help to deliver that to us.

Christine Armstrong, Shelburne

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