Randy Rowland: thoughtful and effective leader

Like many others, I enthusiastically support Randy Rowland for town Selectboard. I am confident that he will carefully consider any issues that come before the Board, that he will weigh all of the relevant considerations carefully, and that he will make fair decisions in the best interests of the town as a whole. Randy’s broad experience makes him the perfect candidate for this position.

Let me illustrate with a specific example. My daughter and I recently had the good fortune to spend a week with Randy and his daughter in Tela, Honduras, as part of the Hands to Honduras program. In this setting, I learned to appreciate Randy’s skill as a thoughtful and effective leader. Throughout the week, Randy was focused on helping the people of Honduras and leading our team by example. One day, we were all working at a school – cleaning up the grounds before the first day of school and giving the buildings a fresh coat of paint. Some of the local children joined us. During a break, Randy shared some gum with the children. Then, when they all immediately discarded the wrappers on the ground, he decided to use this as a teaching moment. With the help of the teachers and our student translators, he gathered the children and, through acting out the scene, he taught the children the importance of putting their wrappers in the trash can. It was a small act, but it speaks volumes of how Randy operates. He is not afraid to address issues that need to be addressed. And, when he does act, he acts thoughtfully and creatively to achieve effective results.

I encourage everyone to vote for Randy.

John Maitland, Shelburne

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