Jess Dudley

Jess Dudley

Jess Dudley is a contributor. “Not only does she contribute to the team, Jess is hilarious,” said first year Champlain Valley Union (CVU) head girls lacrosse coach Erin Malone. “As a senior leader, this [her humor] is a very important part of our team’s chemistry. Additionally, Jess contributes to our team by working very hard during our fitness sections, bringing a positive attitude, and asking great questions. As the season has progressed, she continues to bring a great perspective to our wins and losses,” coach Malone added.
Born and raised in Shelburne, Dudley turned 18 on Sept. 3, 2011. Her family includes parents Marybeth and Tim, older brother Ian, a 23-year-old graduate of North Carolina State, and older sister Jahala, a UVM senior.
“I didn’t play lacrosse until I was in eighth grade,” Dudley recalled. “I played soccer in the Shelburne recreational league at an earlier age. So when most of my soccer friends started to play lacrosse I gave it a go.”
A two-year varsity lacrosse player, Dudley describes her strengths in this way. “I’m fun and I have an upbeat personality, I keep the team moving in a positive direction, and on the field I like to shoot.” She not only shoots, she scores. In fact, Dudley has scored at least 13 goals this season. Coach Malone adds, “In the next few weeks, I look forward to seeing Jess score more goals, continue to bring the team together, and work hard every day.”
In addition to lacrosse, Dudley is involved in the CVU chorus and has been the student council class representative throughout high school. She was also involved with the a cappella group, the Madrigals, and the Vermont Youth Orchestra chorus her junior year. Musically inclined, Dudley once played the flute, and continues to play the piano and guitar.
In fact, it’s interesting to note that for her Grad Challenge project Dudley created a music video. “I wrote the music, the lyrics, everything,” she commented. “I wanted to do it all on my own. So I played the instruments, sang, did the recording as well as the editing. Now I have a 3.5 minute music video. It’s pretty cool.”
“My greatest achievement is being accepted to the Berklee College of Music,” she says in answer to a question. With that said, Dudley eventually chose to attend Columbia College in Chicago instead. “I chose Columbia over Berklee not only because I fell in love with the city of Chicago, but also because I was interested in focusing on arts management and music business. I thought Columbia would be the best place for that and a better fit for me,” she shared.
And Dudley knows a good fit when she sees one. There’s no doubt that Dudley will combine her upbeat personality with her musical talents to become a valuable contributor at Columbia next year. And that dear readers is music to my ears.

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