Music teacher retires after 39 years

Thomas French

By Shania Bunbury and Rachel Unsworth, eighth grade student interns from SCS
Thomas French works at Shelburne Community School as a music teacher, chorus, jazz/pop and show choir director. Mr. French used to play in Canada, with his band, four times a week. He would get back to Vermont at 3:30 am and go to Shelburne Community School at 6 am. Mr. French has worked as a music teacher for 43 years, but has only been working at Shelburne Community School for 39 years. The other two years were spent at Middlebury and Barton. When asked what he will miss, he responded with “The kids!” His last chorus concert was on May 24, but his final farewell, a Jazz/Pop and Show Choir concert, is on Thursday, May 31. Mr. French loves his motorcycles and says he will go motorcycling more often than he does now. He is in a band and says he will practice with his band more often too.

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