Shelburne remembered, with Carroll “Bud” Ockert

Bud Ockert, at left, with Lt. Colonel Greg Knight on Monday, May 28, in Shelburne

by Laura Andrews
Carroll “Bud” Ockert, 73, is the son of Alfred W. Ockert and Mildred L. Marsett. He was born on Marsett Road, and grew up in the South Gate House of Shelburne Farms. The house, however, was moved to the farm from Limrick Road, off of Depot Road, when Bud lived in it. His mother’s side of the family came from the Ferrisburgh area. His grandfather, Bert C. Marsett was the station agent for the Rutland Railroad for 47 years, before retiring in 1950. While he worked at the station, he had help running his farm. The farm was, more or less, the land between the Teddy Bear Factory and the Citgo station north of Marsett Road. Four generations of Ockerts have lived in Shelburne. Bud’s paternal grandfather, Robert H. Ockert, came from Germany in Sept. 1883. It is believed that he came down through Canada. His wife, Johanna L. Ockert, came to the states six months later with their four children, Otto, Paul, Amelia, and Johanna. Records show Johanna and her kids came through Ellis Island in March 1884. The couple had three more children born in the United States, Elma, Martin, and Alfred. Bud’s father was born in the house on Limrick Road in 1893 and his grandfather Robert was employed by Dr. Webb in 1884. Robert died in 1935 at the age of 88.
Bud attended Shelburne High School, where he played basketball and graduated in 1953. Bud remembers having friends over to his house where they would go sledding and play hockey on one of the many ponds of the property. They took turns towing each other behind cars on sleds, and enjoyed Bud’s mother’s baked treats when they got sick of the cold. There were also events held in the Town Hall, like the Fireman’s Ball, that the whole town came together for. One of the biggest changes, he said, stemmed from the Ecumenical movement of the 1940s. This brought unity to the Episcopal, Methodist, and Catholic churches of Shelburne. Shelburne was ahead of its time in this movement. After high school, he went to UVM and graduated in 1957. After graduation Bud spent 30 years in the army. He did three tours in Germany where his wife, Jenny, and their two children accompanied him. While in the service, he got his master’s degree from Baylor University in Hospital Administration. He then became the Deputy Commander for Administration in the army. Bud and his wife truly loved their time abroad, but always knew they would return to Shelburne.
Laura Andrews, a Shelburne resident, and senior at CVU, has researched, interviewed, and written about a few of the many multi-generational families of the Town as part of her Grad Challenge Project. The Shelburne News is pleased to share these stories with our readers.

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