Bird boxes capture fond memories of Shelburne

May-1-T-Shelburne-Bird-BoxesAn envelope containing a handwritten note and the photograph, above, arrived at the Shelburne News office last Friday from Hampshire, England. The note, penned by Derrick Roots, relayed this sentiment: “Our daughter, her husband, and our two grandchildren moved to Shelburne 14 years ago,” he began. “The last time we paid a visit was Christmas 2012, which is when I took photographs of the places from which I made my bird-boxes. Seen daily from our kitchen window, the bird boxes remind us of Shelburne and many nice people. My wife, Jan, and I are looking forward to visiting again this summer. In addition to those fond memories, we also remember the Halloween parade, fireworks at Shelburne Farms, and those lovely straw people around the town. Just brilliant, we love it all.” Enough said.

One thought on “Bird boxes capture fond memories of Shelburne

  1. I was really impressed with the bird houses and was wondering if there is any way I could get this person’s address to see if I could get one of the Dutch Mill birdhouse.
    My boyfriend works there and I would like one of them.

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