Actions speak louder than words

High school students engage in carbon reducing initiatives

By Laurie Caswell-Burke
As our area high schools finish their final days and students, faculty, and administrators look forward to a slower summer pace, it is evident that steady progress was made on the environmental front this year. Their collective actions through multiple initiatives focused on reducing carbon footprints do make a difference. They also serve as reminders that we can incorporate them into our individual lifestyle at home and in our workplace. We should all be thankful that local students care deeply for the health of the planet and want to make an impact toward a more environmentally sustainable future. Kudos to all high school students who made a difference on the environmental front this year.

CVU EnACTS energy savings

The Whole School Energy Challenge Kick-Off in September 2011 was organized by, l to r: Jenna Cloutier, Kathryn Maitland, Georgia Dixon, Jonathan Slimovitch, Alexie Millikin, Greg Meyer, Chandler Jacobson, and Braden Lalancette.

VCS efforts

At left: Jordan Cannon, 8th grade Charlotte resident, and Lauren Howe, an 8th grader from East Fairfield.

This spring, Vermont Commons School students in the Environmental Engineering Research and Service class conducted a survey to assess potential sources of contamination in the Bartlett Brook watershed, a natural resource for the City of South Burlington, and the drinking water source for 70,000 people. Additionally, the Greening up our City with Trees Research & Service class at Vermont Commons spent time at the Burlington City Tree Nursery, caring for and learning about the trees that will soon be planted on Burlington’s city streets.
VCS was chosen to pilot Bill Gates and David Christian’s program, Big History next year. Big History covers 13.7B years of shared history, from the Big Bang to modernity. The course will provide 8th grade students with a deeper awareness of where we are at this moment in time, better preparing them to help shape the future of the planet.

CVU Trash on the Lawn Day

Despite cold weather and a rather smelly task at hand, brave students at CVU perservered to gather trash on the grounds at CVU last winter during “Trash on the Lawn Day.”

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