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Let it rain

by Janet colter

Art class members painting for spring, (l -r) Gail Biggar, Suzanne Houston, and Elizabeth Pasti. Photo by Barney Hamby

Many years ago, A. A. Milne put it just right when, speaking for his young son, he wrote a verse starting with the words “Let it rain.” The child then goes on to point out that his toy train upstairs will keep him busy no matter what the weather outdoors.
Even though we’ve had a few very short respites from clouds and rain, we at Wake Robin found our “trains” of escape during most of this disappointing spring right here at home. Almost anywhere in the Community Center we can easily discover ways to fill the rainy overcast days with rewarding activity and enjoyment.
Let’s take a quick tour. As you enter the lobby from outdoors you immediately find a bright, cheerful surround in new and refurbished furniture, pictures, cushions, carpets, and freshly painted walls. You’re tempted to sit down and take time to appreciate this transformation from the old lobby you’ve grown so accustomed to as you hurry through on your way to the elevator. But slow down – there’s the Gentry Gallery a little further along the hall with a new display of residents’ paintings of flowers which bring springtime right indoors!
These paintings from the oil painting class have held our attention on the west wall of the gallery for the past couple of months, and now we have a new exhibition from the water color class. Save plenty of time to enjoy the bright colors and fresh spirit of spring in many of these paintings. The two resident art instructors, Adair Lobdell for oils and Dorothy Warren for water colors, are professional artists who have devoted themselves to helping their fellow Wake Robin residents bring out their previously half-hidden artistic abilities. Their successes are now displayed in the gallery for the rest of us to enjoy. Popular too are the glass cases on the opposite wall which right now hold an appropriate display of flowers – in books, pictures, jewelry, clothing as well as a variety of containers. Maybe the weather is keeping the real thing mostly out of sight, but this hallway alone shows us that spring is not forgotten.
The Wood Shop’s open door invites visitors; the woodworkers, men, and the Sawdust Sisterhood, are thinking ahead to Wake Robin’s annual gigantic Tag and Book Sale this weekend. All able residents enjoy taking part in the event which raises funds for maintaining our committees and volunteering in the surrounding communities as well as at home.
Further down the hall are committee rooms and a delightful informal café for a quick meal. But if you’ve tried out some of the exercise machines on the floor below, you may first be ready for a bit of exercise in the beautiful Aquatic Center pool next door.
If on leaving the lobby you turned in the opposite direction you passed our handsome dining and living rooms, perhaps empty at the moment, but much appreciated at various times throughout the day.
Next comes the Jean Connor Library which is seldom empty. Magazine, newspaper, and book borrowers constantly flow in and out, some to stay and read, some to move on and others to consult in low voices with one or more of the 25 or more resident library assistants who give some of their time throughout the day to helping others.
Ah, the sun’s coming out! I’ll put that old train I’ve been saving in the Tag and Book Sale now. Our great-grands will be going to school and work by computer and not by car or train. “Let it rain!”


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