Books for Rochester

Fifth grade Student Leadership Council and middle school Student Council.

by Sarah Clauss, with help from Sky Caldwell-Roy

As soon as the Shelburne Community School (SCS) Middle School Student Council heard about Hurricane Irene, we knew that we wanted to help. What better way, we thought, than to give to children just like us? We knew that we would have extra money from the Halloween middle school dance after we paid the expenses, so we decided to use this money to buy books for a damaged school in Rochester NY. With help from The Flying Pig Bookstore, we were able use our funds of $529.69 to buy many student-suggested books. We toured the damage in Rochester to see exactly how we were helping. We hope that we can bring a smile to the faces of kids just like us.

The fifth grade Student Council heard about the storm damage, and wanted to do something to help also. We held a few parties, known as socials, for the fifth graders, and raised $500.03 for books of the Rochester school’s choosing. We gave them an Amazon gift card. When we were at the Rochester school, there was an assembly for the Rochester middle school that we attended. We saw a slide show of some of the damage the day after the flood. It was truly incredible to be shown the damage then, and to see how much they had been able to fix in the months between the flooding and our trip.

In Burlington, the storm was not as devastating as it was in Rochester and the surrounding areas. The school’s principal’s house was flooded, and the rebuilding prospects looked very grim. The water was eight feet deep and there was debris mixed in. Amazingly, the house could be cleared of both the debris and the water, and generally fixed up. The school’s auditorium was also flooded, though only up to Row I, I for Irene. The school officials, remembering that the auditorium was made with linoleum, decided to just rebuild the entire auditorium. When it was rebuilt, funnily enough, there was no Row I. Two families even lost their homes to the storm. Both children’s homes were swept down the river where they were soon destroyed. Luckily, neither family was hurt, and with the help of the strong community, both were soon able to build new homes.

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