Student “brings” Bill McKibben to SCS

Last Friday, Ella Whitman, a Shelburne Community School 5th grader, set out on a personal mission to teach her fellow students about what they can do to protect the environment.  To do this, she produced a brochure, and put together a presentation which included the use of 21st century learning tools to “bring” Bill McKibben to the school. McKibben is a world renowned leader in the environmental movement.  He recently led a march on Washington to urge the government to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline. From the screen on stage where he appeared to SCS students via Skype, McKibben encouraged his audience to visit his website at to find out what they can do to help the environmental movement.  Ella’s presentation reminded students that the effects of simple things like biking to school, walking for errands, and recycling as much as possible add up and make a difference in protecting the environment.

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