Anti bullying message with a beat

Students who took part in the bullying “flash mob” at Shelburne Community School gather on stage to explain their intent for organizing the event, and why they felt it was an important message.

Shelburne Community School students came up with a creative, fun way to address the important issue of bullying. Last week students involved in CY LEAD (Leadership Education the Anti-Drug) and members of student council organized an anti-bullying flash mob. Students in grades 6-8 choreographed and rehearsed in secret for weeks to create a powerful dance to put an end to bullying. They chose the song “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga to dance to during their middle school lunch time.  Students involved in the dance all wore the same t-shirts printed with the message, “It’s time to put an end to bullying.” At the end of the dance students stood in front of their peers and committed to their dance the words that no one should ever go to school and feel emotionally or physically unsafe.  It made for an interesting day in the cafeteria and gave SCS 6-8 graders something to talk about. For more information regarding prevention efforts at SCS, contact Margo Austin, SAP counselor at

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