News from the Pierson Library June 14, 2012

The Kick-off Event for this year’s summer youth programming is coming soon: Thursday, June 21at 1 pm

No registration is necessary for this gala annual event. Stop in to sign up for a variety of summer programs, have your face painted, and join in an ice cream social. Along with the ice cream, we’ll hand out summer reading logs, bookmarks and schedules for our programs. Don’t forget, we’ve added a new reading incentive this summer, and the kid with the highest page count will bring home a Barnes and Noble Nook!

Please note: Sign up for summer programs will not begin until the Summer Kick-off Event on June 21at 1 pm. Can’t make it? Not to worry; call us any time after the 21st to register by phone.

Don’t forget to claim your Lost and Found items

Take a little time to come in and claim your items left behind in the library. Over the past weeks, several items have been left behind at the end of the day, especially in our youth area. Get your missing things while you can. Just ask at the front desk if you believe you have lost an item at the library.  At the end of June, appropriate unclaimed items will be donated to Goodwill.

Museum Passes: Summer is a great time to visit a museum. Here is a quick list of the many museum passes available at Pierson Library for Shelburne card holders.                                                                 Passes that can be reserved ahead for a specific date: The Echo Museum; VINS Nature Center; The Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium; The Vermont State Parks; Shelburne Museum; The Maritime Museum.

Passes not needing a reservation: The Montshire Museum of Science (four passes available per family per season); The Vermont Historical Society Museum; The Fleming Museum; The Ethan Allen Homestead; Birds of Vermont Museum; The Rokeby Museum; The Henry Sheldon Museum; The  St. Johnsbury Athenaeum

All of the passes are available thanks to the generosity of the Pierson Library Friends Board. Feel free to ask any library staff person or call the library at 985-5124 for help if you want to know if a pass is available or if you have questions about our museum passes.


“The Dressmaker” by Kate Alcott

Review by Gene Schinto

This much is true:  Lady Duff Gordon (Lucile), a famous fashion designer, escaped the sinking of the Titanic along with her husband. Their lifeboat, with room enough for 50, held only 12. Kate Alcott’s perceptive novel tells what lies ahead for Tess, an aspiring seamstress in Lucile Duff Gordon’s employ.

Pinky Wade is an ambitious young reporter. Her stories for The New York Times suggest that the wealthy Duff Gordons saved themselves at the expense of others. Pinky and Tess become unlikely friends despite the fact that Tess owes the start of her career in fashion to Lucille.

Jim is a young sailor who testifies that Lucile’s innocent version of what occurred on the lifeboat they shared is a far cry from the truth. This is a problem for Tess who finds herself in love with Jim. The sinking of the Titanic has been told before, but the aftermath has never been more compelling or romantic.

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