Dunsmore’s “There and Back” wins bronze medal at Independent Publisher Book Awards

Left to right: Campbell Dunsmore, author Barrie Dunsmore, and Wind Ridge publisher, Holly Johnson.

The 16th annual Independent Publisher Book Awards were held on June 4 in New York City. At the podium to accept a bronze medal in the national category for political writing was Charlotte resident and former ABC News foreign correspondent, Barrie Dunsmore. Accepting the award with Dunsmore was his daughter Campbell, a student at NYU, and Wind Ridge publisher Holly Johnson.

There were 5,203 Independent Publisher Book Award entries in this year’s competition. Winning titles represented 44 U.S. states, seven Canadian provinces, and 10 countries overseas, and were selected from over 4,813 print book entries. The awards ceremony honoring the medalists took place on the eve of the Book Expo America convention.

“There and Back,” published by Shelburne’s Wind Ridge Publishing,” is a compilation of Dunsmore’s essays taken from his Vermont Public Radio commentaries, newspaper columns, magazine articles.

Dunsmore covered foreign affairs for ABC News for 30 years, reporting from Washington and abroad on the policies of seven U.S. presidents, from Johnson to Clinton, and was a regular on the planes of their Secretaries of State. He frequently accompanied Henry Kissinger on diplomatic shuttles, and in offering praise for Dunsmore’s book, Kissinger remarked, “This compilation of essays dating from the weeks when he [Dunsmore] accompanied me on the Mideast shuttles in the early 1970s to his commentaries on the Arab Spring will mark Dunsmore firmly as one of the significant journalists of our era.”

Dunsmore held across-table interviews with Gold Meir and walked in the funeral procession honoring Anwar Sadat. He had tea with Boris Yeltsin’s mother during his years covering U.S.-Soviet relations, and he has stood on a camera platform before the Berlin Wall as East Berliners rushed through the gates. From 1965-95 he reported from more than 100 countries on virtually every major  international event, from wars to summits to diplomatic shuttles. In “There and Back,” Dunsmore covers today’s news with the insight and perspective that comes from an exceptional and in-depth understanding of the leaders and the background information that informs current issues. Dunsmore’s journalism brings a breadth of experience distilled from a lifetime of on-the-ground and around-the-world reporting.

In his foreword to the book, Ted Koppel claims he and Dunsmore were “BFFs before it was fashionable,” and further, he remarked, “I rejoice in the publication of this book because it is full of so many attributes missing in much of today’s quasi-journalism. Here you will find context, insight, thoughtful reflection, and a bracing anger, based not on ideology but on impatience with fools and their mindless nattering.”

The votes are counted and the judges agree: Dunsmore’s “There and Back” is a winner.

“There and Back” is available at bookstores and Wind Ridge Publishing. For more information, speaking engagements, or book signings, please contact


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