The future of Shelburne’s Village Green and Parade, June 25 at 7 pm

Earlier this year, Shelburne received a grant from the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation. A meeting in connection with this grant will take place Monday, June 25 at 7 pm.

According to Dean Pierce, Shelburne’s director of planning and zoning, the purpose of the grant is to “marshal local resources toward the updating of a document known as the Landscape Master Plan for the Shelburne Parade Ground and Village Green.” Pierce said the Master Plan hasn’t been updated since 1995.

The consulting firm TJ Boyle Associates (TJBA) will assist the Town in the updating of the Plan. Shelburne and TJBA will work together to gather public opinion about the properties. In developing their recommendations regarding future use of the space, Pierce said TJBA will consider, among other things, proposals for the creation of Veterans memorial on a portion of the parade ground.

“The Stakeholder meeting on the 25th would be the first major step in that public involvement process,” Pierce said. He explained that future planning over the next several months will include more meetings and a web survey. The end result of the project, Pierce said, will be a color rendered plan with clear descriptions of the proposed elements, and guidance on the locations for future elements and use of spaces. The public is encouraged to attend this, and future meetings concerning the Village Green.

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