Schiavone announces candidacy for District 5-2 rep

George Schiavone

by Margo Callaghan

Citing a perceived need for “more diversity” in Montpelier, long time Shelburne resident, and seven time former representative of district 5-2 George Schiavone has announced his run against incumbent Joan Lenes.

Schiavone has lived in Shelburne since 1963. A native of New York, he graduated from Clarkson University with a BS in Electrical Engineering, going on to do graduate work at Penn State and UVM.

While serving in the Vermont legislature, he held seats on the Natural Resources and Energy Committee, Transportation, Education, Commerce and Administrative Rules Committees.

Schiavone currently serves on Shelburne’s Board of Civil Authority. He is a Justice of the Peace, a member of the Vermont Society of Professional Engineers, the Burlington Emergency Shelter board member and a member of the Charlotte/Shelburne Rotary Club.

When asked why he is running for State Legislator, Schiavone stated, “there needs to be better balance and fresh approaches in Montpelier. We will have to face some big money problems in the coming year, and we need to work together to solve them.” Schiavone added that his record in Montpelier is testimony to his ability to achieve bi-partisan support. “I have always found a way to bring people with differing viewpoints together to get a mix of ideas and approaches to work through issues. It leads to much better solutions. Every bill I ever brought forth had bi- and sometimes tri-partisan support.”

Schiavone and his wife, Linda, have four children and 10 grandchildren. He enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, and running. He has competed in seven marathons, including those in Boston and New York.

“I have the background, depth of experience, energy, time – and most of all – the encouragement of my friends and family that will make my time in the legislature beneficial to my constituents, and productive for all.”

2 thoughts on “Schiavone announces candidacy for District 5-2 rep

  1. I am proud to have known this young man for more than 6 years now! He does amazing work on the Board of the Burlington Emergency Shelter.

  2. George indeed does bring people of differing points of view together as he personally is always on a mission to learn. He welcomes open discussion and better than most people has an open mind to varying points of view. Way to go George! You are to be admired for going for it again. Chuck Bowen

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