Shelburnewood will be Pomerleau’s

Gov. Peter Shumlin, Tony Pomerleau, and Rev. Craig Smith at Tuesday’s meeting.

by Margo Callaghan

The residents of Shelburnewood Mobile Home Park have a new landlord. Philanthropist Tony Pomerleau’s plan to purchase the 20-plus acre site that includes the park has become reality. The announcement was made Tuesday evening at Shelburne’s Trinity Episcopal Church to a crowd of park residents and Governor Peter Shumlin. Pomerleau made known a deposit has been given to landowners Marv and Sue Thomas. “It is still up to the town, but I have the town looking my way,” he stated to the audience.

The 95-year-old real estate magnate followed up his announcement with a brief overview of plans for the park, and a timeline for improvements. Pomerleau estimated that permits will take six months to secure, and he expects construction and upgrades to be finished within a year. A run through of planned upgrades include enhanced sewer and water service, “so that everyone can take a shower at the same time,” he quipped.

Pomerleau intends to arrange for the property’s ownership to be turned over to the residents once the improvements are complete.

Steve Ploesser was introduced as the General Manager for the project. Asked his opinion of the planning process the project faces, Ploesser offered, “We want to keep them [Shelburnewood residents] where they are. It’s already permitted.”

Gov. Shumlin summed up the general feeling of the audience when he praised Pomerleau, saying “Tony, you ought to be sainted.”


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