Vets for vets, Vietnam veterans to host Shelburne coin drop July 7

Left to right, Vietnam veterans Bill Orr, Robert Lamore, and Perry Melvin of Shelburne at last year’s coin drop at the Shelburne Shopping Park. This year’s fundraiser will be held Saturday, July 7 to benefit local veterans.

Members of the Vietnam Veterans Association (VVA), Chapter 829 headed by Commander Perry Melvin of Shelburne, will be hosting a coin drop to raise funds to help local veterans. The chapter’s outreach and assistance is made available to all Veterans – from World War II and Korea, through to those men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to Perry, donations will be used to assist older local veterans with food allotment, transportation, and fuel oil assistance. The needs of younger vets are often somewhat different, and the VVA is instrumental in helping them to obtain benefits, including earned compensation, housing loans, and educational funds. The VVA assists veterans in a wide range of areas that can range from researching veterans’ records, to assisting soldier’s widows, widowers, and other family members in claiming all of the benefits to which they may be entitled.

For more information on the VVA, Melvin can be reached via email at

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