Meeting to discuss future of Town Green and Parade Ground




July 10, 2012

7:00 P.M.

Shelburne Town Center


6:30    Executive session for the purpose of discussing litigation.

7:00    1.   Call to Order

Consider Approval of Agenda.*

3.   Consider approval of the minutes of June 26 and July 3, 2012.*

4.   Citizen Participation (Opportunity for public comment on any Town

Business that is not included on this agenda)

7:05    5.   Announcements

7:10    6.   Manager’s Report

7:15    7.   Old Business

Consider approving action by the Town to pursue enforcement of a

violation of the Zoning Bylaws by Marcos Llona at 141 Pinehurst

Drive by filing a complaint in Superior Court.* (10 minutes)

7:25   8.   New Business

Public hearing regarding amending the Town Zoning Ordinance by

       amending sections 430.1.B (reducing frontage for single family homes

       in the Village Residential District), 1750.2 (exclusion of basement

       spaces as a primary building component in the Lakeshore Overlay

       District), 1970.3 (period allowed for temporary signs), 1970.11

       (specify sign requirements in the Shelburne Falls Zoning District),

       1980.6 (setbacks applicable to landscaping and driveways),and 2020.2

       permits required for small areas and volumes of fill).* (20 minutes)

Presentation for public comment of draft plans for the update of the

       Landscape Master Plans for the Shelburne Green and the Parade by

       Michael Buscher from T.J. Boyle and Associates. (30 minutes)

Discussion of issues related to the Route 7 Paving project scheduled to

       begin in July and continue until November. Among the issues to

       discuss is whether paving at night would be an option on some of the

       project. (10 minutes)

Consider approval of a Capital Improvement Note with Peoples

       United Bank in the amount of $7,750 for a term of one year at an

       interest rate of 1.95% to refinance a Water Department pick up

       truck purchased in 2010.* (5 minutes)

E.   Selectboard questions or comments

8:25 10.   Adjourn

Decision Item

Times allotted to each agenda item are approximate and may vary depending on the discussion.

Reasonable accommodations shall be provided upon request to ensure that this meeting is accessible to all individuals regardless of disability.


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