News from the Pierson Library

“Spiders Are Our Friends” by Dan Shanahan

Upcoming summer programs in the youth area

Explorer Club: Tuesday, July 17 at 1 pm: It’s a Jungle Out There! Paint a wooden snake, “bowl for budgies,” and lots more fun and games. Call the library at 985-5124 or top by to register.

Faerie Club: Wednesday, July 18 at 1 pm: A Wish For Wings! Decorate a giant 3-D butterfly to bring home. Again, you can call the library at 985-5124 or simply stop by to register.

Owls in the Library: Thursday, July 19 at 1 pm: The Southern Vermont Natural History Museum will be bringing live owls to Pierson Library. Learn what makes owls supreme hunters of the night, and meet the species that call Vermont home. No registration is needed for this event!

Check our website ( or our Facebook page for the latest information about our summer programs.

Don’t forget our Over the Rainbow party tomorrow, Friday, July 13 at 1 pm. Follow the yellow brick road to the Pierson Library for our Wizard of Oz themed party.  Play games, have your fortune told, make a craft to bring home, and more. No registration is needed.

Play Scrabble next Thursday afternoon, July 19 Scrabble boards open at 1 pm. Come to Pierson Library, cool off, and play a friendly game of Scrabble with fellow enthusiasts.

New art exhibit in the Pierson Library Gallery Space

A delightful new art exhibit is now on display in the Pierson Library gallery.  For the next two months we have the honor of featuring the unique paintings of cartoon artist Dan Shanahan.  Dan’s paintings have been generously loaned to us by his sister, one of our library patrons.  When describing his art, Dan says, “As a child, my earliest themes were googly-eyed faces. Later I concentrated more on the nose…After studying the art of Dr. Seuss, I added floppy feet…I moved on to study the art of political cartoons and the early masters of Mad magazine art.” The paintings in our exhibit aptly illustrate Dan’s words. When you look at “Spiders Are Our Friends” you can clearly see the googly eyes, detailed nose, and floppy feet. In our exhibit you will see oil paintings, pastels, and ink with watercolor. As a viewer you can’t help but be drawn to the artist’s attention to detail, his careful use of color, medium and paper, as well as the playful shifts in proportion illustrated in these cartoons.

Wondering what to read next?

There are pamphlet racks located next to the circulation desk that contain brochures filled with reading suggestions. These brochures are handy resources filled with book titles and short synopses for each book featuring New York Times best-selling titles, mysteries, book group favorites, stories about animals, and good beach reads. You might just find the book you are looking for on the Friends’ gently used book shelves. Paperbacks found here make excellent beach reading material for the bargain price of $3.


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