WRP’s “Brewing Change” helps Food 4 Farmers

Bill Mares and Rick Peyser (center), co-authors of “Brewing Change, Behind the Bean at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters,” were joined at Village Wine and Coffee in Shelburne last Saturday morning by Marcela Pino (far left) and Janice Nadworny (far right), co-directors of the non-profit organization Food 4 Farmers. They were there to celebrate the publication of “Brewing Change,” which describes Peyser’s 24-year career at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and his steadfast dedication to moving the needle on rural poverty and food scarcity in coffee-farming communities. Distressingly, for three to four months each year most coffee-farming families experience los meses flacos, “the thin months,” – months without adequate food for their families.

The authors are donating 100 percent of their royalties and Wind Ridge Publishing is donating 10 percent of its net profits from the sale of the book to Food 4 Farmers.

Peyser and Pino founded Food 4 Farmers to help coffee-farming families find lasting solutions to seasonal hunger. Nadworny commented, “This book is important because it is a way to connect the farmers who grow our morning coffee and the local farmers who supply its milk and cream. Just as we know it is important to build and support strong local food systems here in Vermont, it’s important we help to do that there too. After all, we in the U.S. are the world’s greatest consumers of coffee (the second most traded commodity after oil!). We need to care about all of the farmers that supply our food.”

The book is presently available locally at Village Wine and Coffee, The Flying Pig Bookstore, and at Wind Ridge Publishing.

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