News from the Pierson Library

Dream Big at Pierson Library: Upcoming summer programs in the youth area:

Owls in the Library: This afternoon, Thursday, July 19 at 1 pm: The Southern Vermont Natural History Museum will be bringing live owls to Pierson Library.  Learn what makes owls supreme hunters of the night, and meet the species that call Vermont home.  No registration is needed for this event!

Explorer Club: Tuesday, July 24 at 1 pm: Join us for a gala Lego building competition.  Call or come by to register for this event.

Faerie Club: Wednesday, July 25 at 1 pm: Decorate your very own gnome hat to wear home.  Call or come by to register for this event.

Library Scavenger Hunt: Thursday, July 26 at 1 pm: Get your batteries ready!  It’s lights out in the Pierson Library Children’s Room for our scavenger hunt by flashlight.  Track down fireflies hidden amongst the library shelves to redeem for a prize. No registration is necessary for this program.

Remember you can always check our website ( or our Facebook page for the latest information about our exciting summer programs.  All programs are free.

Play Scrabble this afternoon

Thursday afternoon, July 19 Scrabble boards open at 1 pm.  Come to Pierson Library, cool off, and play a friendly game of scrabble with fellow enthusiasts.


Congratulations to our newest library patrons

Summer is the perfect time to sign up for your own library card.  When you are five years old you can get your first Pierson Library Card.  Come with your parent(s) and fill out a short application at the front desk.  Then you can borrow books from the library on your own card.  Here is a list of our newest card holders:

Kate Boehmcke

Harper Riley

Chelsea Casarico

Alexander Schmidek

Madison Casarico

Wyatt Schmidek

Maxwell Krupp

Eli Suchecki

Teagan O’Dell

Ella Suchecki

Happy reading adventures to all of you. Don’t forget: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.” –Dr. Seuss: “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!”

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