Joint meeting of Selectboard, Planning Commission and SDAT Committee scheduled for July 24

By Carol Casey

Dean Pierce announced at the July 12 meeting of the Planning Commission that a joint session of the Selectboard, Planning Commission and SDAT Committee is scheduled for July 24.  The purpose of the meeting is to review a draft Request for Proposal (RFP) prepared by the SDAT Committee seeking a consultant to develop an integrated transportation and land use master plan, as well as form-based code, for the Route 7 corridor. The consultant must conduct a design charrette, engaging landowners, business owners, town officials and interested citizens to incorporate their input in the master plan.  Funding for this project will be decided by the voters at the Nov. 6 election, provided the Selectboard approves moving ahead with the RFP.

Pierce also announced that the Harrington Village project needs to undergo a significant redesign due to geophysical issues identified in a recent engineering study.

The Planning Commission completed their review of “housekeeping” amendments to the subdivision by-laws and will soon schedule a public hearing on them.  They also agreed to forward the amended sections of the revised Town Plan on “Land Use in Shelburne” and “Growth and Development” to the Selectboard for their feedback before moving ahead with other revisions.

Commission Chair Brian Precourt reported that the Selectboard had not approved the changes recommended by the Planning Commission regarding fill and the expansion of homes in the lakeshore overlay district.  The Commission will reconsider these issues at a future meeting.

In addition to their joint meeting with the Selectboard on July 24, the Planning Commission will meet with the Development Review Board on Aug. 1 to seek their input on issues they would like the Planning Commission to address.  The next regular meeting of the Planning Commission will be held on Thursday, Aug. 9 at 7 pm in the Town Center.

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