CVU Track & Field participants enjoy success

The Champlain Valley Recreational Track & Field program sent 18 athletes to the Vermont State meet in St. Johnsbury on Saturday, July 21. The participants, coached by Tova Tomasi and Nora Kaszubowski, should be congratulated. They include: Justin Clark, Cole Glover, Annaliese Kramer, Anna Morton, Luke Morton, Olivia Morton, Sierra Morton, Lily Margolis, Cole Otley, Mason Otley, Julia Pell, Katie Pell, Devin Rogers, Gregory Seraus, Tawn Tomasi, and Tiago Tomasi. Special congratulations to Tawn Tomasi for winning and breaking the State record in the 100 m and 200 m in the 13-year-old boys division. Tawn will represent Vermont in the National Hershey Meet in Pennsylvania later this month. Also, special congrats to Sierra Morton for winning and breaking the State record in the 400 m in the 13-year-old girls division. Photo by Becky Morton

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