Youth explore how engineering impacts the human experience

Approximately 100 high school students including Shelburne’s Julien Vandal, a student at Champlain Valley Union, will experience the fun and excitement of hands-on projects during the UVM/GIV Engineering Institute July 21-28. The UVM/GIV Engineering Institute is sponsored by the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences and the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont.  Student participants will experience jam packed activities, including hands-on engineering projects, industrial engineering tours, and will participate in discussions on sustainable engineering practices. They will also interact with UVM professors, engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians who will discuss current societal problems and present novel engineering solutions.

During this Institute students will work in teams on different engineering hands-on projects including: Renewable/Sustainable Energy using solar, wind and biomass;  understanding structures through building trusses; creating electrical engineering circuitry;  using Robotics to perform specific tasks; understanding Aerospace through aeronautical devices that use parachutes, small balloons, and helicopter principles; and using Engineering Design principles to solve a specific engineering criteria based upon the Apollo 13 mission – using only specific project supplies. In addition, students will create sand arches at North Beach in Burlington during the Institute’s beach day adventure.

Project poster presentations and prototype devices will be on display to the public at the University Mall on Saturday, July 28, in South Burlington. The Recognition Ceremony will be held also on Saturday from 7 to 9 pm in 235 Benedict Auditorium in Marsh Life Science Building and awards will be given for student projects as well as written technocratic oaths that reflect their life purpose, and for poetry that reflects their experience in the UVM/GIV Engineering Institute.

Students will also have the opportunity during this Institute to compete to represent the United States at the 2012 Sixth International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) to be held October 2012 in Argentina. The focus of the IESO is on sustainability issues such as climate change.

The GIV also offers Institutes on: Asian cultures, Arts, Current Issues and Youth Activism, Information Technology, and Science and Technology. For more information on these GIV’s, visit:

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