DRB agenda

Development Review Board Draft Agenda

Wednesday, Aug. 1, 7 pm

Town Center Meeting Room 1

Agenda items subject to change prior to meeting date.


Call to Order

Public Comment

Topics not otherwise included in agenda.

Application SUB11-07 (Continued)

Application by Patrick O’Brien Development LLC on behalf of Rice Lumber Co. for Preliminary Plan approval to subdivide 46 acres into six commercial lots and four residential lots.  Properties at 4484, 2055, 4188 and 4190 Shelburne Road are located in the Mixed Use Zoning District.              Application CU12-09

Application by Civil Engineering Associates on behalf of John and Amy Saar and the Town of Shelburne for Conditional Use approval of an erosion control structure in the Lakeshore Overlay.  Property at 3735 Harbor Road is located in the Rural Zoning District.

Informal discussion with Planning Commissioners

Information exchange and discussion of issues of mutual interest.

Approval of Minutes

July 18, 2012

Other Business, Correspondence, and Adjournment

Deliberative session to follow adjournment, if needed

Individual hearing times listed above are estimates only.

Participation in the proceedings is a prerequisite to the right to take anysubsequent appeal.

Reasonable accommodations shall be provided upon request to ensure that this meeting is accessible to all individuals regardless of disability.

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