Pickin’ the blues

It isn’t often that a food that tastes as good as field-fresh blueberries is also packed with the health benefits of high levels of anti-oxidants and vitamins C and A. Studies have shown that blueberries are beneficial in anti-aging and disease prevention, and also promote healthy eyesight, cholesterol levels, arteries, memory, and weight control.

Locally, all these benefits are literally ripe for the picking at any number of berry farms. Pelkey’s in Charlotte opened their doors 32 years ago, and began the u-pick operation that that is still going strong, especially this weekend, as a vibrant crop of blueberries waits to be picked and savored. Will Pelkey, son of the original owners, is in charge of the current 10 acres dedicated to this year’s crop. Hours to pick your own blueberries are Monday through Friday 8 am to 6 pm, Saturdays 8 am to 4 pm, and Sundays 9 am to 1 pm.

Unpicked blueberries do not go to waste. Instead, Pelkey’s have become well known near and far for their blueberry wine—a dry to semi-dry sweet wine. This joins other wines made by the family at their Charlotte Village Winery. Three generations of Pelkey family members are involved in the effort.  Their wines have received awards in international wine competitions, including double gold, gold, and silver medals.

Charlotte Village Winery is open for wine tastings daily 11 am to 5 pm through Dec. 31. Bring a lunch or purchase a cheese plate and sit on the deck with beautiful views of the Adirondacks and blueberry fields.

For more information about Pelkey’s and the Charlotte Village Winery, call 425-4599 or email wpelkey@gmavt.net.

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