Social Service Agencies: Will the town continue support?

As many of you know, the funds that the town pays to social service agencies to supplement services rendered to Shelburne residents, have been dramatically cut in recent years. In addition, the fund is no longer a line item in the budget but is voted on as an article at town meeting time. This issue was discussed at the past town meeting.
The social service committee has been in existence for over 30 years functioning without a charter. In May, our committee wrote a draft charter for the Selectboard to consider. The Selectboard discussed this issue at the July 24 meeting. I was not able to attend that meeting but I understand that the Board is still considering the issue and no decision has been made yet. The Board is discussing not only a potential charter but also whether to continue to pay our fair share to these agencies at all! Please attend future Selectboard meetings or write or call Selectboard members to voice your support of our town continuing to fund social service agencies.
Jane Zenaty, Shelburne

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