A very fond farewell

I guess you could call this a letter from the “new, former editor” of the Shelburne News. Wednesday, Aug.1 was my last day as Editor of the Shelburne News, and to put my sentiments on leaving into the modern vernacular, well, :( .
My husband, Matt, accepted a position with the County of Culpeper, in the Commonwealth of Virginia in June, at which time I tendered a tear-soaked resignation to all my friends at Wind Ridge Publishing. I hope to join Matt south of the Mason Dixon by the end of September, but that means saying good bye to this wonderful town and its residents. It has been a joy to report on the happenings in 05482- its vibrant residents and institutions. What other newspaper in the world could guarantee a spike in readership when articles pertained to dog leashes and street lights? Thanks to all the loyal readers of Shelburne News. You are being left in the wonderfully capapable hands of Sheri Duff , but more on that next week.
Meantime, I am still in town, and hope to have a chance to say “ciao!” to friends and acquaintances before heading south.
Thank you for 10 invigorating years…
Margo Callaghan

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