Vermont Green Building Network announces Greenest Building Awards Competition

The Vermont Green Building Network (VGBN) has announced a statewide competition for Vermont’s greenest buildings. The inaugural Vermont’s Greenest Building Awards will be offered for the home and commercial building that meet the highest standard of demonstrated energy performance.  Winners of the awards will be announced at VGBN’s Summer Networking Event being held at the Green Mountain Club in Waterbury on Aug. 17.

These awards are unique because they are based on the actual energy use of the buildings.  To receive the highest honor of being dubbed Vermont’s Greenest Building, a building must have energy use that is 30 percent lower than the average for buildings in the Northeast and is the lowest of qualified submissions.

VGBN has chosen proven energy use as the metric for determining Vermont’s Greenest Buildings because building energy efficiency is critical to sustainability. The awards are designed to recognize buildings that are moving in the right direction, presenting Vermont’s Greener Buildings awards to submitted projects that are 30 percent below the average and Going Green awards to buildings that are 50 percent below the average consumption for the Northeast.

“These awards support VGBN’s efforts to increase people’s awareness of the equivalent miles per gallon of their homes and offices. As we begin to highlight what is possible, we expect to see submissions with lower and lower energy consumption over the coming years,” said Jennifer Chiodo, a VGBN board member who helped develop the awards.

For more information on the award requirements, including energy use thresholds and submitting a project, as well as details on the VGBN summer networking event, visit or contact Hillary Hunter at (802) 735-2192.

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