Shelburne native hits the big screen

Parker Croft

by Lettie Stratton

Shelburne native Parker Croft has come a long way since performing children’s theatre with the Very Merry Theatre and the Vermont Stage Company. The actor and writer will be bringing his original film “Falling Overnight,” which he co-wrote and stars in, to Merrill’s Roxy Cinema in Burlington on Aug. 10.

Croft began acting at around age 7 and, although he said he didn’t do much acting in high school, he went on to study theater in New York. “I never considered other career paths,” Croft said. He cited Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’s Academy Award-winning screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and director Michel Gondry, as well as Spike Jonze, director of “Where the Wild Things Are,” as part of his long list of inspirations and dream collaborations.

Perhaps the inclination toward the arts runs in the family. “My family is hugely creative,” Croft said. His mother Juliet McVicker is a jazz singer, father Parker Hendrick Croft, Jr. is an architect and painter, and his sister is a musician. “It’s refreshing to be surrounded by people who are able to express themselves,” he said.

In “Falling Overnight,” a script which he co-wrote with Aaron Golden and Conrad Jackson, Croft plays the protagonist, Elliot, a young man about to undergo a potentially fatal surgery in order to remove a brain tumor. The day before his surgery—which could possibly be his last day alive—he meets his love interest, Chloe, played by Emilia Zoryan. If you meet your soul mate and you could die tomorrow, what do you do with the time you have? The film explores this complicated and emotional dynamic. Visit for movie trailers and more.

Croft has been working on a new script for the past year and said Sundance has asked him to submit it to their Writing Institute. Croft’s new film is based in Burlington and although he now lives in L.A., he said he’d like to shoot the film on location. “It’s a really unique backdrop for a story,” he said. “There’s no place like Burlington.”

Interested readers can see “Falling Overnight” at the Roxy (222 College St. in Burlington) at 6:10 pm on Friday, Aug. 10. It will be showing for five days following the premiere as well. Croft will attend the Vermont premiere and is available after the screening to answer questions. “The first movie I ever saw was at the Roxy,” he said. “I’m so happy to be bringing this film home.”

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