Heartfelt thanks

It’s been a year now since Jeana’s breast cancer diagnosis. In a few months, she hopes to come full circle and be one of the many survivors who fought this battle with incredible bravery and strength.

The warmest of thank you’s can’t begin to express our gratitude for the love and encouragement received from our wonderful family and friends. Also, the special champions at the Shelburne Supermarket and countless people in the community—some we have never even met.

The outpouring of support was far more powerful than any drug and the security of knowing you cared helped to counteract the fear of cancer.

Your concern is the remedy and the anticipation of returning to those who sustained her during this difficult time became a cure in itself.

Throughout her struggle, Jeana’s smile has remained bright as she faced each new challenge. Although her battle is still not concluded, it won’t be long before she’s back full time serving you once again.

It’s important that you know your gifts to our daughter are even greater gifts to us, her parents. You have touched our hearts forever.
MaryLou and Moe Thorpe

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