Charlotte Shelburne Rotary teams win golf tournament

L-R with trophies: Charlotte Shelburne Rotary President Adam Bartsch, Ric Flood, one of the golf team members, Essex Rotary President Bill Murdock, and Tournament organizer Dave Johnson.

Organizers of the annual Essex Rotary Golf Tournament came to the July 18 meeting of Charlotte Shelburne Rotary (CSR) to present two trophies to two winning Charlotte Shelburne teams. The CSR teams won both the Low Gross and the Low Net Trophies, as they have done many years in the history of the tournament. The winning Low Gross team consisted of Ric Flood, Bob Maynes, Don Condon, and Eric Hanley while the Low Net team members are Terrell Titus, Bill Deming, and Adam Bartsch. There were nine Rotary teams and 33 public teams in the competition, which was an important fundraiser for the Essex Club.

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