Local artist receives Vermont Arts Council grant

Casey Blanchard of Shelburne received the Artist Development grant from the Vermont Arts Council. Marketing oneself as an artist while still maintaining the time and presence of mind required to continue producing art is a life-long struggle most artists face. The money from this competitive grant will help Casey build her business resources and promote her artwork.

Ideally, those interested in business could handle the business side of the art world and the making of the art would be the artist’s sole endeavor. However, it is absolutely necessary for many artists to have their hands on both sides of things.

Casey is grateful to the Vermont Arts Council for granting her this opportunity to focus on her goals of continuing to produce unique and breathtaking one-of-a-kind monoprints.

What is monoprinting? Often called “the most painterly of all the print making techniques,” the appeal of monoprinting is the unique translucency that creates a quality of light very different from painting directly on paper. It is a spontaneous combination of printmaking, painting, and drawing mediums.

“I use my art, the paint, and the printing press to examine. In the natural and manmade environment, I look for clues, watch, and listen. The eternal questions continue to compel me – who are we, what are we doing here, and does anyone out/up there care? My desire to understand the world, our consciousness, and to serve in a positive way can be a challenge. Creative expression is the sanity check that allows my internal and external concerns to connect and feel grounded,” Casey says.

Casey realized early on that she had a passion for creative exploration and expression. She began with drawing, painting, ceramics, batik, macramé, and glassblowing in her youth. Her business is now tuned to visual arts, focusing on monoprinting and painting. During her travels in her backyard or internationally, Casey considers no “found” object too grand or too insignificant to express spirit and soul in the printing medium.

Primarily a self-taught artist, Casey has had generous guidance at Carol MacDonald’s print studio, Burlington City Arts, Shelburne Art Center, Vermont Studio Center, Penland, and from Lisa F. Beach.

In addition to volunteering in the Art from the Heart pediatric program at Burlington’s Fletcher Allen Hospital, Casey has served on the board of directors for the Shelburne Art Center, the board of directors for Grounds for Heath, a pre-cancer screening project in Mexico, and as a Trustee for the Vermont Commons School.

Casey was born in 1953 in Greenwich, Conn. She lives with her coffee guy husband, Dan Cox, and their daughter Julia in Shelburne. Her artwork is shown throughout New England in private and corporate collections and on web designs. All are welcome in her studio by appointment.

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