SCHIP announces significant bequest

The Board of Directors of the Shelburne, Charlotte, Hinesburg Interfaith Projects (SCHIP), a local non-profit, has announced an unexpected bequest from Doris Evarts Brownne, a longtime resident of Wake Robin in Shelburne.

Brownne was born in New Jersey and moved to Vermont a number of years ago in retirement.  She had a career in social work where she focused on the needs of families in crisis.  It is a measure of Brownne’s commitment to the less fortunate that she chose to make this substantial bequest.

“We were surprised and delighted when we were notified about Brownne’s generous bequest to SCHIP,” a SCHIP board member said.  “We did not know Ms. Brownne, but it is clear that she knew about the work SCHIP has accomplished since its inception seven years ago. We are very grateful to Ms. Brownne for her extremely generous gift in support of SCHIP’s mission. It will go a long way toward helping us serve a variety of organizations in local communities.”

Since April 2005, SCHIP has granted more than $360,000 to local non-profit organizations. SCHIP awards funds raised through the sale of quality used clothing and home goods at the SCHIP’s Treasure Resale Shop at 5404 Shelburne Road in Shelburne Village.

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