ECHO exhibit ends Sept. 3

ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, at the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, is gearing up for the last few weeks of hosting OUR BODY: The Universe Within. This highly scientific and somewhat controversial exhibit, examines the human body with actual human specimens that have gone through a process call plastination or polymer impregnation.

The specimens, which have been dissected by highly skilled technicians for the Anatomical Sciences and Technologies Foundation in Hong Kong, portray the human form through six body systems: Muskuloskeletal, Head and Nervous, Urinary and Reproductive, Respiratory, Digestive, and Circulatory.  The exhibit also includes a display area on prenatal anatomy.

“We wanted a block buster exhibit to help us show off our new expanded exhibit and programming space and to also introduce ECHO and our mission of stewardship to a broader and far reaching audience. Based on preliminary numbers we have succeeded,” said ECHO Executive Director Phelan Fretz. “There seems to be a renewed last minute interest in this exhibit as people realize it is leaving the area soon (Sept. 3 is the last day) and that has encouraged people to come into ECHO,” Phelan continued.

The exhibit company was happy about ECHO’s hosting of OUR BODY as well stating that, no other host venue has provided such extensive programming to complement the exhibit the way ECHO has. “Truly this has been amazing,” stated OUR BODY spokesperson Heidi Pinchal. “ECHO really did a lot of work in advance to provide not only special programming but the kind of programming and events that worked for students, students of science and biology, parents, teachers, medical professionals, and everyone in between. Even the special website they created specifically for this exhibit was the most extensive we’ve ever seen.”

For more information call (toll-free) 1.877.324.6386 or visit

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