Students offered engineering challenges for 22nd year

The 2012 Aiken/TASC (Technology And Science Connection) Challenges offer middle and high school students two hands-on challenges: 1) design a transportation vehicle powered by human energy that can deliver supplies and/or travel through courses, and  2) create a video related to the importance of alternative transportation.  These challenge events will be held on Saturday, Dec. 1 in UVM’s Patrick Gym in the tennis court area. Prizes will be awarded to teams with the best videos, the best transportation time, most product delivered, and shortest time through an obstacle course.

Designed to encourage students to explore sustainable engineering technology, teams of middle and high school students (2 to 6 per team) are encouraged to compete in all five Aiken/TASC Challenges.  The transportation challenges include a marketing presentation, completing a flat course in the shortest time, transportation of maximum weight on a flat course, transportation of the most weight up an incline, and completing an obstacle course in the shortest time.

Aiken/TASC prizes will be awarded to two categories: high school and middle school students for both transportation and video challenges. Each transportation team will also be required to deliver a Husky Marketing Presentation to a panel of judges prior to competing in the transportation courses.

Final rules are available to schools on the Aiken/TASC website.  For more information and to register teams of 2-5 students visit The deadline to register is Oct. 31.

Note: Teams should be in grades 7-12, but do not need to be from the same school or affiliated with a school to participate. All teams must have an adult advisor (not required to be a teacher).

Technology Knowledge Fair

- (Scouts in Engineering)

Aligned with the UVM Design TASC/Aiken Challenges, the Technology Knowledge Fair (Scouts in Engineering) program offers middle school students an exciting day to visit TASC and register for afternoon activities on topics that include astronomy, aviation, architecture, computers, electricity, engineering, energy, geology, hunter safety, metals, radio, photography, space exploration, and surveying. This program is also on Saturday, Dec.1 with registration in the lobby of the tennis court area at UVM’s Patrick Gymnasium from 11 am-12 noon. Students do not need to be scouts to participate. To register students for a class please visit

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